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Airbus Delivers Its 2,000th A320neo Family Aircraft To IndiGo

Two years after taking delivery of the 1,000th A320neo family jet in 2019, Indian budget airline IndiGo can proudly claim that it has taken delivery of the 2,000th aircraft. Taking place on... Read more »
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Inside The Airbus A350 Production Line

In around two months’ time, Airbus will celebrate seven years since Qatar Airways introduced the A350 family to revenue-earning service. The type has its own dedicated production line, which Simple Flying was... Read more »
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Airbus Expects Demand For 39,000 New Aircraft By 2040

Airbus has shared today that it forecasts the need for 39,000 new-build aircraft over the next two decades. With 15,250 of these deliveries set to be replacements, there will be a 13%... Read more »
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Airbus foresees demand for 39,000 new passenger and freighter aircraft by 2040

Airbus made this announcement from Dubai: Retirement of older aircraft to accelerate, demand progressively more driven by replacement, supporting the industry’s decarbonization objectives Demand for air transport will continue to grow, driven... Read more »
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14 Years Ago Singapore Airlines Operated The 1st A380 Flight

It is hard to believe that it’s been 14 years since a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 first took to the skies. On October 25th, 2007, the aircraft operated its first revenue flight... Read more »

Three’s A Crowd: German Government’s Last A350 Takes Flight

The third of three Airbus A350 aircraft bound for the German government has taken its first flight in Toulouse. The aircraft is part of a fleet expected to replace the county’s aging... Read more »
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Just 14 Jets: Which Aircraft Does Airbus Directly Lease?

Aircraft leasing is a key way of allowing airlines to operate their desired services without requiring the commitment of a fully-fledged aircraft purchase. The world of commercial aviation is full of lessors... Read more »

Could US Passengers Have To Show COVID Status Before Flights?

A US Senator has proposed a bill that would require passengers to prove their COVID-19 status before boarding a US domestic flight. The bill would require passengers to show proof of a... Read more »
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235 Seats: Where Is easyJet Flying Its Airbus A321neos?

easyJet currently has 322 aircraft at Group level across easyJet UK, easyJet Europe, and easyJet Switzerland. It has 165 A320ceos, 106 A319s, 37 A320neos, and 10 A321neos. Some 107 aircraft remain on... Read more »
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Airbus CEO: The Sale Of New Planes Is Essential To The Decarbonization Of Aviation

Airbus has been intricately detailing its strategy to meet sustainability deadlines over the coming decades. The manufacturing giant is intent on overcoming challenges across the board. With net-zero on the company’s mind,... Read more »